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Thank you for visiting Peter Sceats & Associates.  We offer offer a range of consultancy and contractor services, and expert knowledge in the following sectors and niche areas;

Peter Sceats & Associates-Real Estate was formerly known as Tradition Property, we were pioneers of the property derivative market 2005 thru 2010. Now the business focuses on consulting on all aspects of real estate forward value, such as the valuation of real estate bonds and publication of the PS&A Future House Price Indices.

Peter Sceats & Associates – Energy, we launched Coal Swaps Newsletter (now the TFS Daily Coal & Emission Report) the world’s most widely circulated coal and emissions publication and conceived the API coal indices upon which all Atlantic Basin coal mines and EU coal power stations are benchmarked.  We set up the world’s first coal derivative in a co-operation with TFS Energy.

Since then we have consulted on set up of electricity and coal trading desks plus Front to Middle and Back Office liaison/processes for RWE, BHPBilliton and a range of other major companies. Peter Sceats & Associates now consults on aspects of the coal and energy markets, and in co-operation with Tradition Energy procures electricity & gas for corporate clients across the EU.

Tenders & Audits:
We specialise in hosting and co-ordinating tender processes to assist commercial, manufacturing and industrial clients in the choice of supplier and supply contracts. And can provide independent post-tender audits of contract delivery.

We design new indices for internal company, external client and market use. PS&A have previously founded the Weekly Tribune agricultural markets indices, the API coal index series, the Future House Price Index and designed the MAGI (Month Ahead Gas Index of Italy) for Tradition Group and partners.

Swaps, Futures & Options: 
We provide advice, development and implementation consultancy on all aspects of swaps, futures and option instruments.   

Swap & Bond Valuations:
We offer expert third-party independent benchmarking of investment firms' holding of bank issued investment products to avoid under-valuation, valuation incorporating the bank’s “axe” leaving Funds better benchmarked and open for scrutiny from Auditors and Regulator.  Peter Sceats & Associates are able to provide daily marks for almost any swap or bond product.

Innovation in Risk Management & Trading:
From developing new indices and new markets to shaping new derivative use, to setting up business, trading and broking desks to training and coaching staff - Peter Sceats & Associates can review, innovate and re-shape your risk management and trading strategy.

Technical Analysis:
Technical analysis is the study of market price through the statistics generated by market activity, such as past prices, volume and speed of trend etc.  While the circumstances of any market change every day, the human nature that causes traders to buy and sell is unchanging. In many ways technical analysts read and forecast human intervention in markets as much as the markets themselves.

Our company Principle has the highest UK based qualification in Technical Analysis MSTA (Dist.).  We supply reports, TA training workshops and recommendations of trading and hedging strategy.  It is quite easy to find TA consultancy in the market but near impossible to find to find a TA consultant who will take any ownership of their recommendations. The proof ought to be in the pudding - Peter Sceats & Associates puts fee at risk on an avoided costs or gain-share basis. We take pride in our recommendations and ownership or their success.

Expert Witness:
Our expert witness service is offered by our Principal Peter Sceats personally. Focusing on coal matters and wider derivative-based disputes. To keep costs down for clients, fees are tiered into Associate Rate, Day Rate and Court Appearance Rate - meaning report research is appropriately charged and cost efficient


Please don't hesitate to contact us at to arrange a no-obligation confidential discussion regarding your requirements.

Peter Sceats & Associates  was established in 1992.

Our consultants have many years hands-on trading, consultancy, and strategic expertise in the fields shown here - we know our stuff!  We are used by industry leading organisations to innovate and develop derivative products, markets, indices and risk management products/strategies.

We have strong market recognition in the Real Estate and Energy sectors, and Principal Peter Sceats is a renowned expert witnesss for the Coal sector - having founded the API coal indices and set up and traded the first coal derivative.

We hope you find what you are looking for in our capabilities shown here, please call us for a free informal and confidential discussion regarding your requirements and we will be happy to discuss and advise on an appropriate course of action

Even if we can't help you directly, with our extensive network we can usually find someone who can. Peter Sceats, Principal




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